The future for affiliate marketing

There is no doubt that there is currently a lot of interest in affiliate marketing, but many people ask?

What is the future ?

In such a fast moving world, it is very difficult to predict the future but all the signs are that affiliate  marketing will continue to grow. This is very important as many of us are looking to supplement our incomes



1 Search Engine Results

How to become an affiliate marketer

Back in 2017, there were 770,347 US searches for the term. Interest fell over 2018 and 2019, dropping to 683,664 in 2019. However 2020 saw a 27% increase in interest to 936,544 searches. This continued in 2021, when US users searched for ”affiliate marketing” 1,305,226 times.

Much of this renewed interest is attributed to the uncertain global economy as well as the belief that many people who have jobs now may no longer have a job for life and are looking for other ways to supplement their income.

2 The Size of the Market

Affiliate marketing has a market value of over $17 billion as of 2023. It is estimated that affiliate marketing spending in 2023 will be around $13 billion. 16% of online orders in the United States come through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is used by 83% of marketers to raise brand recognition.

There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is growing and shows all the signs of continued growth.

Some people are worried that the market will become saturated, but with the growth in the market it is possible to make a great success out of affiliate marketing.

3. Affiliate Marketing Is the Most Successful Channel for 20% of Brand Marketers

Affiliate marketing is the most important customer acquisition channel for 20% of brand marketers. 54% rank it among their top three channels.

This is more than organic/paid search (16%) and display ads (15%).


4 How To Create Content for Affiliate Marketing

“How to Create Content Marketing” is one of the top 20 content marketing questions asked on Google.

One of the best ways to promote affiliate  marketing  products and services is to create articles or videos and potential marketers are asking how to do this.

If you are not sure how to write content I have written an article with a link below.

5 56% of Affiliate Marketing  Programs increased revenue during the Covid-19 Lockdown

56% of  affiliate advertisers and agencies increased their affiliate channel revenue starting in late March 2020.

Ecommerce saw major growth during the pandemic. In 2019, online sales made up 16% of total retail sales. In 2020, that rose to 19%.

Affiliate marketing is no exception — over half of affiliate marketing programs increased their revenue during lockdown.

Many changes to consumer behaviour are likely to continue beyond the pandemic. This is a great time to build your following and start earning money through affiliate marketing.


As you may have noticed, the world is moving very fast. Many of us face uncertain futures, but we can all take action to make our lives more fulfilling. Affiliate  marketing has proved to be fulfilling and rewarding for many people and should continue to be so for many of us


Here is my link on how to write content in 7 easy steps




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