Top 10 Free Tools To Boost Your Clickbank Earnings

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Clickbank is one of the best ways to earn money on the Internet as there are so many products from which you can choose.

Here are the top 10 free tools that can help you increase your Clickbank earnings:

1. Google Keyword Planner: Use this tool to discover relevant keywords for your niche and optimize your content for search engines. Without the right keywords you will not be found in the search engines, reducing your chances of earning money.

2. Canva: Create eye-catching graphics and visuals to promote your Clickbank products on social media and other online platforms. This really is a very useful tool for creating all sorts of images. Below is a YouTube thumbnail I designed in less than 5 minutes:

Top 10 free tools to boost your Clickbank earnings

3. Buffer: Schedule posts and manage your social media accounts to drive more traffic to your affiliate offers.

There is so match activity now on social media, that none of us can ignore. It is best to try one or two such sites rather than trying to master all of them.

4. Mailchimp: Build and send targeted email campaigns to your subscribers to promote Clickbank products and increase your conversions. Having an autoresponder is an essential tool as it will make your life so much easier when emailing your prospects.

5. Hootsuite: Manage all your social media accounts in one place and track your performance to optimize your marketing efforts.

6. Grammarly: Ensure your content is error-free and engaging with this tool that checks for spelling and grammar mistakes. This is a very good tool and works in real time as you are typing

7. Trello: Organize your tasks and projects to stay on top of your Clickbank promotions and track your progress.

8. Bitly: Shorten and track your affiliate links to monitor your click-through rates and optimize your marketing campaigns. If you have a WordPress site you can also use prettylinks, which is very easy to use and gives you very good analytics.

9. Google Analytics: Monitor your website traffic, conversions, and other key metrics to identify areas for improvement and maximize your earnings.

10. AnswerThePublic: Discover what questions people are asking about your niche and create content that answers their queries to attract more traffic and increase your Clickbank earnings.

In conclusion, making money with Clickbank for free is possible with the right strategies and tools. By selecting the right products, promoting them effectively, and leveraging free resources, you can increase your Clickbank earnings and achieve success as an affiliate marketer. Follow the steps outlined in this guide and start earning passive income with Clickbank today.


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