8 things to do to escape the 9 to 5 environment

There is no doubt that the world is changing very fast.

Technology is advancing so quickly, meaning that many people can no longer rely on having a job for life.

This has led those  people to escape  this routine by working for themselves on the Internet.

There are many attractions to do this, no doubt one of the reasons is that many people are making a very good living on the Internet.

However, although this is possible, it is a complete change of lifestyle, and we must all accept that we need to make many changes in order for this transition to become successful.

Having made this transition myself, I would like to offer some pieces of advice that I have learnt the hard way.

1 Set your goals and tasks

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There is no doubt that setting goals is key to our success. Once I have set my long-term and short-term goals, I then decide on 3 tasks that I will do every day. These tasks are tasks that will move me closer to my long and short-term goals. I try to do these before I do anything else. There is a feeling of great achievement when these are completed. Other activities like answering emails and searching the Internet can be done once the 3 tasks have been completed. Once you start to meet these targets on  a regular basis, you may decide to increase the number from 3. However, don’t be too ambitious as setting targets that you don’t meet will cause you frustration, which you don’t want after all the elation of meeting your initial targets.

2 Join a network


One of the biggest changes is that you may be going from an environment where you are surrounded by people in your work place, to a situation where you may be working from home. This can be quite daunting, and many people find the loneliness quite a challenge. One of the best things to do is to join a network of like-minded people. Dependent on where you live there will be a number of options, including federations of small businesses as well as Chambers of Commerce. These networks can be a real benefit as you will meet many like minded people, with whom you can exchange ideas , and you may also be able to generate some business.

3 Join online forums

Fortunately there are many online forums including Facebook and LinkedIn as well as many others.

I have found these to be very useful, and my approach is to offer assistance rather than trying to promote my own product or service. By helping people I have found that the people I help turn to me when they are looking for a product or service. This is backed up by a quote from Jim Rohn:

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have”

4 Find a quiet place to work

This can be quite challenging. In your residence you may have a number of people and pets who make it difficult to concentrate. If you can make space, where you are not disturbed, that is the best option.

Alternatively, you may be lucky enough to have a local library where you can work quietly.

5 Be disciplined with your working hours

If you start to work from home, it is very easy to delay your start time because you have chores to do.

Personally, I set my hours and stick to them. Fortunately I am an early riser, which means I can do a lot of work before the rest of the world comes to life. I have also found that I am more productive than when I was in a working environment. In a busy workplace, some time may be spent socialising with colleagues. This may be very pleasant, but it may not be very productive.

6 Get some fresh air

Sometimes working in an enclosed environment can be quite exhausting.

One thing I do is to have at least 30 minutes of exercise in the fresh air, whether that is running, walking or cycling. I don’t take any music with me, but just enjoy the fresh air. I find it is a good time to clear my mind, and very often I will come back with 2 or 3 good ideas.

7  Spend some time reading

I find it is useful to take a break and do some reading. It may be fiction or it may be some self-help books.

When I first started working for myself, I felt guilty reading when I should be working. However, I have found that I am very productive without any interruptions. Typically I can do as much in 3-4 hours working from home, as I did in a day at work, where there would very often be meetings, which may or may not be necessary.

8 Take up a hobby

This is my final suggestion.

Working all the time can be counter-productive as you may become less productive.

It is essential to take a work from break. There are so many leisure opportunities, it is just a matter of selecting the right one.

9 Conclusion

These are things that I have learnt, which I hope you find useful.

Please feel free to comment or make further suggestions.









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