Massive Affiliate Profits (MAP) review-how I got to page 1 on Google and page 1 on YouTube

Massive Affiliate Profits (MAP) review-how I got to page 1 on Google and page 1 on YouTube

For proof, please watch this video


As you can see from the video, I have ranked on the 1st page of YouTube

One of my videos has only been up for 3 days with no views

Another video has had 859 views in 2 weeks

Another video has only been up for 22 hours with no views

Also, on the front page there is one with 12 views after 12 days

Normally it is harder to rank on google, but 2 of my videos are on the front page.

Also, on the front page of google is an article on my web site.

If you sign up as a platinum member in phase 2 you will receive:

1 Free traffic from the 3 marketers who started this program.

This free traffic has already resulted in over 200 sales with revenue of $202,438.00.

Out of that over $158,000 has been paid out in commissions, most of that to marketers who have never made any money online before.

2 I will show you the free software I use to record the videos.

If you don’t like being on the screen, you don’t have to.

3 Free software on how to create eye-catching YouTube thumbnails.

These are key to being found on YouTube when viewers are searching.

4 Free software to create your own logo and place it on the thumbnail.

5 The importance of the description on YouTube, which many people fail to realise.

YouTube uses your description when ranking your videos.

6 The importance of tags. Without these viewers will not know what your video is about.

7 Finally you do not need a web site. You can see how my videos ranked on YouTube.

However, if you do have a web site, I will show you how I provide a link for the website to rank higher on google.

I have been creating and ranking videos for a number of years, so these bonuses are offered to you as a result of a lot of hard work. I cannot guarantee the same results for you, but I am willing to help you succeed in your online business.

If you would like to take a look at Massive Affiliate Profits, please click the link below:




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