Review Syndlab

Review Syndlab

If you have been involved with Internet Marketing you will know that if you want to rank your web site or video there are a number of important things to consider.

Firstly, you need good quality content.

Whatever else you do, this is so important.

The next thing is to have backlinks from authority sites.

With backlinks it is the quality not the quantity. You may be offered thousands of backlinks for a very low cost. Normally, these are a waste of money and will not help you in the search engines.

However, one link from an authority site is worth more than thousands of cheap backlinks.

This is where SyndLab 2.0 from Josh Zamora will really help you content as it offers to syndicate your content to 30 Web 2.0 sites.

These are regarded as high authority sites, so will help your rankings in the search engines.




Let’s face it we are inundated with products and services on the Internet. Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether to buy the product as, very often, the sales copy makes appealing reading.

When looking at products I consider the following factors :


1 Will it help me in my business?

2 Will it work?

3 Is it within my capabilities to understand and implement?

4 Can I trust the supplier?

5 Is it good value for money?

6 If I cannot get on with it, can I get my money back?

Let’s look at these points and see how Syndlab 2.0 ranks.


1 Will it help my business?

You may think this is a strange question, but I have been guilty of buying a “shiney bullet” that has not helped me.

As an example, I normally spend my time on building content for my sites and on video marketing. 2 years ago I saw a product where the sales copy was outstanding. It was promoting a new social media site which was going to take the Internet by storm. It was claimed that if we did not get onto this site our business would crash and burn.

I fell for this and bought the product which was not as good as it claimed to be.

Fortunately, there was a money-back guarantee, but I had wasted valuable time.

SyndLab 2.0 posts to authority sites which helps with the rankings in search engines and video sites. This is exactly what I am looking for.

2 Will it work?

Very often this involves a certain amount of trust. However, there are normally testimonials.

With SyndLab the case is made better as the original version was released last year. As such,it is a proven product.

3 Is it within my capabilities to understand and implement?

Like me,I’m sure you have seen the sales copy that claims :

“Even my granny could do this.” OR

“My 12 year old can do this.”

Very often,this is not the case.

However,SyndLab is easy to use. It is web based and you don’t need to be an expert.

4 Can I trust the supplier?

Most marketers start off with “My good friend Josh….”

I cannot say he is my good friend but I have bought a number of products from Josh over the past few years.

From my experience,he always delivers good products and I would not hesitate to buy from him again.

5 Is it good value for money?

This is for you to decide. However,most of his products are very reasonably priced.


6 If I cannot get on with it, can I get my money back?

Yes,there is a money back guarantee and I have no doubt there would not be any issues.


Syndlab 2.0 is released on March 4th.

There is a video below with more information.

Please click on the link below if you would like to try SyndLab 2.0


John Hayes

Try SyndLab


Here is a short video I have made

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