Google Adsense-A Good Way To Monetize Your Site

Google Adsense-A Good Way To Monetize Your Site

 Google Adsense is a powerful tool, which can be used to monetize a web site. If used properly, it can generate a very large and healthy income. However if you are not using them rightly and just maximizing the income you squeeze from it, you are actually leaving a lot of money on the table. Something all people hate doing.


How you can start earning money with Adsense can be done easily and quickly. You will be amazed at the results you will be getting in such a short period of time.

Start by writing some quality content articles, which are also keyword rich. There are a lot of people given the gift of being good with words. Writing comes easy for them. Why not make it work in such a way that you will be earning some extra cash in the process.

There are actually three steps to put into mind before you begin writing your ads and having an effective Adsense campaign.

1 Keyword search. Find some popular subjects, keywords or phrases. Select the ones, which you think have more people clicking through.


2 Writing articles. Start writing original content with keywords from the topics that you have selected in your search. If you do not want to write your own articles it is possible to outsource this task at a reasonable cost. For example, it is possible to have a good quality 500 word article written for as little as $5.


3 Quality content site.  Build a quality content site incorporated with Adsense ads that is targeting the subject and keywords of your articles and websites. This is where all that you’ve done initially will go to and this is also where they will prove their worth to you.One of the best ways to build a site is by using WordPress.


The proper positioning of your ads should be done with care. Try to position your ads where surfers are most likely to click on them. According to research, the one place that surfers look first when they visit a certain site is the top left. The reason behind this is not known. Maybe it is because some of the most useful search engine results are at the top of all other rankings. So visitors tend to look in that same place when browsing through other sites.


Some of those who are just starting at this business may think they are doing pretty well already and thinking that their clickthrough rates and CPM figures are quite healthy. However, there are more techniques and styles to generate more clicks to double your earnings. By knowing these techniques and working them to your advantage, you will realize that you will be getting three times more than other people who have been previously doing what they are doing.


Finally, Adsense has some excellent tracking statistics that allows webmasters and publishers to track their results across a number of sites on a site-by-site, page-by-page, or any other basis you wanted. You should be aware oft this capability and make the most of it because it is one powerful tool that will help you find out which ads are performing best. This way, you can fine tune your Adsense ads and focus more on the ones being visited the most rather than those which are being ignored.

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  1. Some great advice here thank you. This is something I am considering building up and your articles are helping me very much.

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